3 days in Austria : Day 2

Waking up with a view is the best day to start a day, isn’t it? Well, that’s how I started my second day in Austria.

This was the view from the bedroom

On the saturday as it’s check out/check in day at the lodge, my friend had to look after the 6 months baby of the family as, you know, she’s an aupair, that’s her job haha. But it wasn’t an obstacle for us to enjoy the day and go exploring! Quite the opposite actually.

You know my love for kids. I loved being around Philippa during the day, playing with her and receiving her biggest smiles… sorry Rosie, she loves me more now haha. She is such a sweet baby; calm, smiley and she loves me… I mean I couldn’t have expected more!

What being an aupair of baby in Austria looks like

After breakfast and getting ready for the cold weather, we took the bus to go to Mittleberg. From there, we did a big walk to go back to Baad. It wasn’t snowing like it was the day before. Actually, it wasn’t snowing at all. It was cloudy. But clear enough to have a stunning view of the mountains. We walked for a bit more than 2 hours I think. And I can’t still get over what I saw. Austrian beauty is really something you should see at least once in your life. The vibe there is so special, almost precious.

At first, I wanted to apologise for the big amount of pictures there’s gonna be in that blog post but actually, I’m not even sorry haha. I had to capture that beauty, even though pictures don’t make justice to it and you really should go and explore Austria yourself.

I tried new poses… I might need to stick to the usual ones next time.

After the walk, we came back to the lodge to have lunch. Then it was play time with baby in the play room!

And then off we went for another walk! I actually don’t remember exactly where we went. Let’s just say somewhere in Austria near Baad hahah.

We didn’t go out that night as we were quite tired after all that walking and we just stayed in, watched some movies and chatted for hours and that was just what we needed.

Walking through a country you’ve never been before is for me the best way to discover it. You might get lost and discover things you didn’t expect. Well, this time I didn’t get lost as I was with my friend Rosie who lived there for 3 months (as I’m writing this, she has just arrived in Australia for at least 9 months by the way!!!), which was great as she knows all the great walks with stunning views etc.

I think the last day was my favourite one as we’ve done ‘crazy’ things that you’ll discover in another blog post. Stay tuned x

With love, Anaïs

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  1. You honestly make Austria look like such a magical place and it makes me quite happy to call this country my home haha! I am so glad you had an amazing day exploring and I so hope one day you’ll be able to discover Austria during summer time as well! x

    1. But… it IS a magical place, don’t you think? :p I would love to visit it during Summer as well!! xx

  2. Wow Austria is gorgeous. And all that snow looks so pretty. I bet it was very there. I’d love to visit Austria one day. The pictures you took are amazing and makes me want to visit Austria even more, especially in the winter.

    Thanks for sharing this great post!

    1. Thank you so much for that lovely comment xx

  3. These mountains look amazing!

    1. Thank you! xx

  4. Wow, Austria looks so beautiful! Definitely somewhere I’d like to travel one day .. Glad you had fun on your trip!

    1. It is so beautiful indeed! xx

  5. jessierenea says:

    Such a beautiful view but it looks super cold 🥶 great post and thanks for giving me a peek into Austria !!

    1. It was so beautiful indeed!!! And not that cold to be honest, it was bearable hahah
      Thanks for your lovely comment xx

      1. jessierenea says:

        My pleasure ❤️

  6. Such stunning views! I love all the clouds and mist around the mountains, it makes it look so magical and just as pretty as blue skies!

  7. Millie says:

    omg those photos are fantastic! it makes me feel cold just looking at them though!

    1. Thank you!!
      I swear it wasn’t that cold haha

  8. I really want to go to Austria, your photos are amazing! The snow looks perfect 😍 Sounds like you had a lovely time x

    1. Go, go, go then!!! Austria is amazing! And yes, I had a wonderful time, thank u xx

  9. Geraldine says:

    I never considered going to visit Austria but these pictures look so amazing! The mountains are so picturesque, I love looking at the contrast between rock and snow and the dark trees! I also loved your pose haha, don’t go back to the usual!! 🙂

    1. Thank you! Austria is just gorgeous, isn’t it?
      hahaha thanks xx

  10. Amber says:

    Oh my godddddd the views look incredible… Every time you post a travel blog, i”m just like why am i sitting at home right now!!

    1. Ohhh thanks so much for that comment!!! I’ve just woke up and it has made my day already!
      It’s never too late to start travelling xx

  11. It looks so cold! But beautiful. I love walking everywhere too, when exploring a new place. Laura xx

    1. It wasn’t that cold to be honest! And yeah, it is such a beautiful place indeed!! xx

  12. Extracts of Alex says:

    Austria looks beautiful. One thing I want to know is did you find it an expensive country to visit?

    1. It is beautiful indeed!
      So basically, I’ve been quite lucky about money for that trip as I had a friend working as an aupair in a lodge, I had free accomodation, breakfast and lunch. I’ve done a bit of grocery shopping for dinner and it wasn’t expensive. But keep in mind that I currently live in Switzerland where basically everything i super expensive so in Austria, I found everything cheap – compared to Switzerland hahah!

  13. Austria looks so stunning, wow! You make me want to drop everything and travel the world to see these beautiful places! x

    1. It is stunning indeed!!! Thank you for such a lovely comment Hannah xx And travel as soon as you got the opportunity, I’m sure you won’t regret it!

  14. Loving the snow filled adventures! Looks so fun! STUNNING photos!

    1. Thank you so much xx

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