8 tips for travelling

As I love travelling, I thought I would share some tips I learned while I was (and still am!) exploring the world. They’re simple and can make your travels way easier.

1. Don’t wait for people

It can sound selfish, but the more you wait for people to travel, the less you actually travel. If people aren’t ready to travel with you, do it alone. I’m not saying you have to travel alone. But don’t be afraid of it. It’s an amazing experience and can sound cliché but the best way to find yourself. It brings so much freedom; you can go wherever you want for how long you want and do absolutely what YOU want and not everyone’s bucket list.

People with excuses; “I don’t have any money”, “I don’t have the time right now”, “There’s nothing to do over there”, … Leave them behind. 

2. You don’t need a lot of money to travel

People often think that traveling means huge expenses. The truth is, it doesn’t always. It’s all about the choices you make.

First, the way of transport. When possible, take the bus rather than the train. It will be longer but way cheaper. 

If you need to take the plane, book it a few months in advance. With internet nowadays, it is really easy to compare and find the cheapest way to go anywhere. The website is actually really good. Simply put your destination and it will find the cheapest plane, train and bus. For plane tickets, Skyscanner is one of the best I’ve used so far. It tells you which dates, company, time are the cheapest. You also got a “anywhere” section which will give you the cheapest destinations for the dates you want to go. You can go somewhere you didn’t think of at the beginning. Be open-minded.

About to go to Norway – April 2017

Then, you’ve got to think about the accommodation. No need to sleep in 5stars hotels. The cheapest option (it’s free!!!) is the couchsurfing. I haven’t used it yet so I can’t say what I think of it. You then can sleep in a hostel which is quite cheap. Or use Airbnb which is also a great alternative.

And finally, the food, don’t go to fancy restaurants every day. Buy your own food and cook in your Airbnb or hostel. 

3. Don’t plan everything

I find it way more of exciting to visit a city without planning. Just get out of your bus/train and start walking. That way, you’ll find some unexpected things to see. It’s the best way not to be disappointed as well as you have no expectation. By planning everything, you can miss great things to see and do as you’ll be too focus on your “bucket list”.

Sometimes after wandering for a few hours, I use Google Maps and look for the “attractions” near me. While walking to those, I can find something else to see or do. 

Geneva, Switzerland – December 2018

4. Make your own opinion

How many times have you heard someone said “French are rude”, “German are cold people”, “Don’t go there it’s not worth it!”, “I didn’t like the food in that country” ?!

The thing is, you have to go and see yourself. One might not like a country (and it’s ok!) for a certain reason but it doesn’t mean you automatically won’t like it either. Everyone is different, therefore everyone has different opinion. Make your own by visiting yourself. 

5. Take your time

Traveling is not about seeing the most places the quickest you can. Take the time to actually visit where you are, without already thinking about the next thing you want to cross on your bucket list. If you don’t have the time to see everything you wanted, it’s fine, it’s an excuse to come back to that country another time 😉

 6. You don’t have to go far away 

Sometimes when people think about traveling, they think about taking a plane for several hours. But the truth is you don’t need to. Traveling can also means doing a daytrip; taking your car, a bus or a train and explore a city, village in the country where you are. An hour form where you live can be resourcing, explore a parc or some gardens near you, go and explore the village next to that big city. It’s not expensive and can be relaxing after a long week of work. 

Parc de Sauvabelin; Lausanne, Switzerland – December 2018

7. Don’t let the weather bring you down

When it’s grey, cloudy or even raining, it can be frustrating. All you want to do is spend your day in your bed. And it’s absolutely fine, you can do that. But it shouldn’t always bring you down. 

Take your warm coat, rain boots and umbrella and off you go. I find it even more fun to be in the rain and explore a city. It’s a whole new adventure. And sometimes even more beautiful. 

Pully, Switzerland – December 2018

8. Travel overnight 

If you don’t have a lot of days traveling in a city/country, try not to waste it by doing long trips during the day. Take your bus/train during the night so you can have more time exploring. Doing so you even save some money because you it’s one night less to pay for a room!

Lake District, UK – July 2018

 “Take only memories, leave only footprints.”

Chief Seattle 

With love, Anaïs

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  1. Such great advice. To many people wait for others to join them when going places by yourself (provided you are comfortable of course) can be the most fun!

    1. Thank you and yeah that’s true you need to be comfortable with the idea of travelling alone as well but if you never try, you’ll never know haha x

  2. Ashley Firth says:

    These are great tips! We always travel on a really tight budget and have seen and experienced some amazing places!


    1. Thank you Asley! x

  3. This is perfect for anyone who’s looking to get into travelling. Great guide Anais!

    Johnny | Johnny’s Traventures

    1. Thank you very much John! x

  4. A good read! Couldn’t agree more.

    1. Thanks a lot!! x

  5. Omg I love this!!!! I feel like I really want to travel right now, I feel like you would be such a good travel companion. About travelling on your own; I’ve done it once before and it was awesome but I still really prefer having someone else! And travelling overnight honeslty I would have never really thought about that which is weird, but such a good thing to do!

    1. Thank you!!! And I’m so glad this post inspired you to travel and hopefully you will really soon!!
      Fair enough about travelling solo, it might not be for everyone and it’s ok 🙂

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