One week, one picture

A taste of Summer

Is it Summer? No? Well, it feels like it. I know we’re mid-February but going from -3 to 10 degrees in only a day definitely made me think we were in July. Maybe I’m over exaggerating a bit.. maybe. But let me tell you this straight : I’ve been outside TWICE without my coat during this past week and boy, it hadn’t happen for a long time now. It’s been sunny all week and I was even considering putting my bikini on and swimming in the lake haha.. only joking, I’m not that crazy… or Am I?

A friend took this picture of me on Saturday and it’s clearly summing up my mood this past week. Happy sunny vibes (well, most of the time haha). Sitting in front of the lake with the sun hitting my face. Listening to the sound of the waves. I was totally in the summer mood. We also went shopping later that day and all I bought was a playsuit, a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. Can’t wait to wear them when it’ll be summer for real haha.

I don’t even know if I need to say why I love/chose this picture. If you read a few of my posts or follow me on Insta, you must know by now that I spend most of my time along the lake. This is my favourite thing to in Switzerland and I can’t spend a week without going along the lake at least twice. It was the first time I’ve been to that part of the Lake though so it was a new experience, especially with that blue sky and the sunshine. Just looking at that picture makes me feel peaceful.

Did I mention that I’ll be working 6 months in Spain, soon? Well, it’s in April but it’s soon enough. I’m currently between 2 feelings now because I love my job here. I love the kids I look after and the family I work for. I bloody love Switzerland and its beauty… I’m gonna miss all of that when I’ll leave. But in the same time, I can’t wait for Spain. I can’t wait to work as a kid’s rep again. I can’t wait to meet my new team and live everything with them. I’m so excited to start my new job but I’ll be so sad to leave my aupair job here so how am I supposed to feel haha? Anyway, I won’t complain because I’m doing what I like the most in both cases : working with children and travelling.

Also, this week I’ve booked a trip to a country I’ve never been before and where I’ll see one of my best friend. (I am so excited!!!!!). I met her in September 2016. Just when I started travelling and so did she. She’s from New Zealand, I’m from Belgium. We both lived in the UK for 2 years before travelling/living in other countries more regularly. We basically live the same life (kind of), always travelling and looking after kids. Having her as a friend is great because she goes through the same things as me. She has to face the social pressure about the type of life she has, just like me. It is nice to feel that I’m not alone in this situation. Don’t get me wrong, I love the life I chose but it’s not always pink and glitters everywhere.

Quick note about blogging : I’ve got a new category on my blog called Photography. I just want to put a little disclaimer about it : I’m not a professional photographer at all. I don’t even own a camera. I take all my pictures with my phone, which is enough for me at the moment. I’m not pretending to be really good at taking pictures or anything, I just love to take loads so I thought I would regularly post a few pictures I take. Because I want to share more of them and Instagram isn’t enough for me to do that. Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy that new category. The first post on it was some sunset shots I took on Wednesday, if you haven’t checked it yet, it’s just here.

With love, Anaïs

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  1. That picture is stunning, I love all the shades of blue! I totally get what you mean about expecting summer now it’s gone slightly warmer haha, even in the UK the sun has come out a bit and everyone’s going crazy!

    1. Thanks!! It is crazy how quickly we’ve got from absolutely freezing to warm weather you know!! hahah

  2. You aren’t wrong about wanting it to be summer, my hometown in UK had the same weather, it was totally a beer garden kind of day but I was stuck at work. How exciting about your new job, I always wanted to be a kids rep but I get home sick after a while. Your photos are of a phone? How good! I recently bought the Hauwei P20 it’s one of the best camera phones I’ve had x

    Shelly’s Passport

    1. I’ve been a kid’s rep for 2 months in Greece so I know I’ll absolutely love it!! I’ve been travelling for a while now and luckily I’m not that homesick xx Thanks for your lovely comment!

  3. That’s such a beautiful picture! I love your photography, it’s insane how you can take such nice pictures with your phone only 😱 It’s so exciting that you got that job in Spain! It’s such a nice country and I’m sure a bit warmer than Switzerland too. I get that you don’t want to leave though, it looks so pretty there in Switzerland and the kids you look after seem really nice from what I see on your instagram. Don’t worry about it, it’ll all be fine 💕

    1. I’m so impressed with my phone to be honest haha
      I know it’ll be alright, it’s just a new adventure and I can’t wait to start it even though it means saying bye to this one … xx

  4. That photo is amazing. I love snow top mountains!

    Good luck with your move to Spain, honestly living somewhere else is such an amazing feeling and think of the sun! Remember though, you never have to do anything you don’t want to do so you still have time to make a decision 😊
    We have had glorious weather in Corfu this week… 16 degrees which this time of the year is lovely 😁 next week is expected to drop however 😒

    Great post!

    Jess 💜

    1. Thank you!!
      I know, I love moving abroad now and then to start a new job haha! I definitely want to, it’s my decision and I love being a kid’s rep!! I was actually one in Corfu for 2 months this summer!!!! I loved it xx
      I remember it was still 25/30 degrees back in October…

      Thanks so much for your comment xx

      1. No way?! I used to be a kids club supervisor in corfu. Where abouts? 😮 Yeah October was a great month!! Xx

        1. Are you kidding me hahaha? Kerkyra! xx I’m only a kid’s rep though, not a supervisor hahah

  5. Beautiful photo, as always. Reading your blog has made me want to visit Switzerland even more now, definitely on my bucket list. Ahh how exciting moving to Spain, excited to follow your journey! Great post.

    1. Thanks a lot!!! Oh I’m so glad, I’ve kind of inspired you haha Xx

  6. Shannon Kims says:

    What a beautiful view! It looks absolutely beautiful and Switzerland is high on my list of places I’ve ould like to visit soon! And moving to Spain is so exciting! Great post.

    Shannon |

    1. I don’t know how many times I’ve said that but Switzerland is such an amazing country, I mean it hahah You should defo visit! Yes it’s an exciting new experience!! Thank you Xx

  7. This is such a lovely post!
    The lake looks amazing! I’m a sucker for pretty landscapes and I can’t wait to see more of your photography. 🙂
    Thank you for sharing!
    Fran x

    1. Thanks so much for that lovely comment!! The lake is definitely my favourite place to be in Switzerland, it is incredibly beautiful! xx

  8. Oh wow, the weather changes so quickly! I love the view – the mountains in the back looks gorgeous. It is pretty cool that you’re going to be working in Spain! You’re going all over the place. You don’t need to have a fancy camera to have a photography section. As long as you enjoy taking pictures and sharing them, it’s all good! 🙂

    Nancy ♥

    1. This is a stunning view, I know, I can’t go over it even though I live here since November hahah
      Yes, I’m trying to travel as much as possible by working abroad 🙂
      It’s true, thanks so much for your lovely comment Nancy xx

  9. jessierenea says:

    On my side of the world, in Tennessee.. the weather is absolutely BIPOLAR and I’m so sick of it !! Two weeks ago, it was FREEZING COLD.. we even got a little bit of snow… last week.. it was super warm.. the temp was in the high 60s & low 70s.. this week its wet, rainy and cold as hell! I’m oveeerrr it. I’m such a summer bum hahaha great post !! 🙂

    1. Ohhh, bless you!!! Hopefully it’ll be a bit more stable soon xx Thank you!

      1. jessierenea says:

        I’m definitely praying for it lol

  10. This is Adnarim93 says:

    That’s so exciting, living in Spain! I’m sure you’ll love it.
    I’ve been dreaming of summer. It’s freezing in Shanghai. Can’t wait to be able to wear saddles again.

    1. I’m sure I will too! Good luck for the weather over there haha Thanks so much for your comment Xx

  11. Jasmin says:

    These pictures are stunning!

    It got a bit warmer and sunnier here in Finland as well but today’s such grey & gloomy haha.


    1. Thanks! Luckily for me, it’s still sunny here in Switzerland haha! Hopefully, it’ll be a bit warmer soon enough in Helsinki xx

  12. Waiting until summer arrives…15 weeks now ☀️
    Ahh how exciting that you’re going to be living and working in Spain! Switzerland is so beautiful, what an amazing experience you must have had while living there. I’m super excited to see more of your photos! xx

    1. Well, I’m sure as soon as I’ll be in Spain, it’ll feel like real Summer haha
      It is so exciting indeed! I’m living loads of new experiences abroad for a bit more than 2 years now and I’m so grateful xx Thanks so much for your lovely comment Shannen!

  13. aimsysantics says:

    Oh, I have been loving the milder weather here in the UK. The sun just makes everything better, doesn’t it? Dreading when the icy blasts return!
    Good luck with your travels and the new job, sounds exciting!
    Your photo is stunning…what a beautiful lake 😍

    Aimsy xoxo

    1. I loved the snow in Switzerland but I’m so happy that the sun is back now!! hahah Hopefully, it’ll stay sunny in the UK as well x
      Thanks so much! The lake is wonderful indeed xx

  14. Girl, your life gives me so much envy! This place looks stunning and I really love reading these posts! Can’t wait to see what you get up to in Spain! x

    1. Oh thanks so much for your lovely comment Hannah! xxx

  15. Aw I love this post!! The weather is super nice in the UK too at the minute! Some one has just said I look like I’ve caught the sun!! Crazy! I LOVE that picture of you by the lake, super chilled vibes and a such a pretty picture! Spain sounds amazing but bitter sweet like you said! I hope you enjoy it when it comes around!!❤️

    1. Oh glad to hear that you tanned hihi!
      Thanks a lot!! It was super chilled indeed xx Thanks for your lovely comment ❤️

    1. Thanks!

  16. Really sweet post, as always!
    I felt the same yesterday, because Canterbury was so sunny and walking to uni with the sun on my face felt amazing!
    I hope you won’t feel too down once you leave Switzerland, and that Spain will welcome you with open arms. But of course, it’s okay and normal to miss it or feel shitty! It’s amazing that you get to work with children this much, I bet they’re one lucky bunch x

    1. Oh thank you babe!
      I loved the snow but the sunny weather is the best, isn’t it?! Glad that it’s warm in England as well x
      I’m sure I’ll be more than fine 🙂
      Well that’s the only thing I’m good at so that’s why I’ve got a degree as presechool teacher haha

      1. Hahah well I love spring and summer so for me, definitely!!
        Well glad you found your path then x

  17. kattieh says:

    Switzerland looks like such a beautiful place, I’d love to go there one day! But it will be amazing to work in Spain! Where did you book your holiday to? Or is it a surprise? I love those Winter days that feel like Summer – it really makes you feel like Spring and Summer is finally on its way!

    1. It is an amazing country indeed!! And you should visit if you have the opportunity!!!
      I’ve got Friday off as I work more hours this week due to school holidays haha so it’ll be “only” 3 days in Austria!!!! 😀

  18. The picture is stunning! Looks so peaceful and Congratulations on your new job!!!

    1. Thanks a lot!

  19. What a nice picture! I can’t wait til it’s warm outside as well! The little bit of weather change we’ve had has already done so much for me!

    💗 Alexx | Aesthetics by Alexx

    1. It is unfortunately back to bad weather here though!!! 🙁 2 weeks of cold and rain and even snow! I wasn’t ready for that after that sunny weather hahah 🙁

  20. In love with that photo!! Sounds like you’ve got a lot of exciting times coming up! 🙂

    1. Thank you!!! x

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