I am Anaïs, 24, born in Belgium.

I started my blog in November 2018. Not because I have a passion about writing but a passion for keeping memories. I love looking back at my life and seeing all the good (and bad) things I’ve done. Also, I find myself “in another world” while I blog, far from the unwanted stress.

I blog about my life, experiences and mostly my travels as I travel quite a lot. There is no precise subject on here. I am also addict to photos. I am not a photograph but I love taking hundred of them. So you’ll usually find loads in my blog posts. Every picture is taken by me (or friends/family when I am on the pictures), unless it is a gif or meme of course.

If you are a company/blogger who would like to work with me and do a collab, here’s my mail where you can contact me : anaisn.theblog@gmail.com. Or you can contact me on my social accounts.