Do I have the perfect life?

A few weeks ago, I received some comments on Instagram and on my blog from people saying that they were envious of my life or that my life was ‘perfect’. And let my clarify this straight away : my life is NOT perfect. And who could claim their life is perfect anyway? Perfection doesn’t exist.


Yes, I post beautiful pictures of the places I travel to.

Yes, I am currently living my best life by working abroad.

Yes, I love my life.

Yes, I am currently happy.

Yes, I always smile on pictures I post.

Yes, yes and yes to all of that.

But like everyone else I guess, I only share what I want to share with you.

You don’t see me crying.

You don’t see me overthinking.

You don’t see me sad.

You don’t see the not-so beautiful places I sometimes go to.

You don’t see me when I’m in a bad mood.

You don’t see what I don’t want you to see.

I guess, as everyone else, I only share with you what I want/decide to share with you. I want to share some positive vibes and I don’t see the point of posting a picture of me when I’m sad for example.

Though, it doesn’t mean I’m pretending to have a perfect life. It doesn’t mean I’m not honest. It’s a choice I make to try and post happy moments of my life. Because I don’t see the point of sharing sad ones.

Even though, working abroad is what makes me happy at the moment, it comes with a price. And I’m not talking about money here. It does come with sacrifices. That I was willing to take. I chose that life. It doesn’t mean is perfect, even though it makes me happy.

I don’t get to see my family as often as I would like to for example. I am not the homesick-after-2-days type of person. Like, not at all. I’ve been used to live apart from my family as I’ve been in several boarding schools since I was 14. Also, I have an ability of adapting myself to a new environment quite quickly. So I’m ok with spending a few months away from ‘home’ (I’ll explain the speech marks later maybe, in another blog post). But when my little sister was born on 27th February, I was really sad. I wish I could have shared those first precious moments with my family. She is 1 month old now and I haven’t met her yet (I will soon though!). So please don’t tell me I’m lucky or that you envy my life. You could have the ‘same life’ if you really wanted to and if you were willing to take the same sacrifices as me.

With love, Anaïs

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  1. This is such an important post to share I think. People get so wrapped up in what they see on social media and it’s not always an accurate perspective. We don’t always like to share positive and happy things! But it’s great you are highlighting it, especially if you have young followers. Thank you for sharing xx

    1. Thank you so much for that comment!

  2. This is a really important topic to discuss. No matter what someone’s life seems like on social media it doesn’t mean it is perfect and we should try not to be envious. However I totally agree with what you said about you not posting sad things and that you’re not pretending to live this perfect life. We’re all too quick to attack others for “fakeness” on social media but what’s so wrong about wanting to create a happy space? It’s good that you have clarified this for those who comment on your photos! xx

    1. I’m glad you liked that post! I was getting a bit annoyed to be honest with that type of comments. Not that they mean to be ‘annoying’ or anything but I guess we all know, no one’s got a perfect life so we should try not to be envious over some pictures of happy moments. Thank you for commenting by the way! x

  3. Of course nobody has a perfect life! That is quite insensitive for someone to make those comments. Everyone makes sacrifices to be able to travel or do the things they want to do, and every single person in the world has times they feel down. How exciting it will be to meet your little sister 🙂

    1. Exactly!! Thank you so much! I am so excited, less than an hour now hihi

  4. Such an interesting post. I understand why some people feel that way when they scroll through instagram and it’s beautiful people in beautiful places but EVERYONE shows the happy/ good things. I post food photos, but not when I burn something or just throw things on a plate. It’s kinda the same thing. It’s sad in a way, but instagram is only one side of reality. Everyone has things they don’t like! x


    1. Exactly, couldn’t agree more, thanks for commenting! xx

  5. This is so important, thanks for sharing! So true about not wanting to share the sad things. Instagram is definitely a place of positive vibes that we want to contribute happy things to, and we each have our own struggles that we don’t want to share on social media. I can totally relate with the sacrifices of living away from ‘home’ – I miss my family and friends so much even though I love my life here and wouldn’t change it. xx

    1. Thank you Shannen x

  6. Perfectly explained Anaïs and you are so right in what you say. There are always some people they who everything is surrounded by unicorns in other peoples life, but it’s far from it and this is what we should all accept. Posting a sad picture makes no sense and I fully agree with you on that. Whatever you do comes with a price, eg some think my job is a dream because it involves some travelling. But when I travel for work, I see the hotel, the venue, some attendees and the airport – thats it and sometimes it gets so exhausting that i don’t want to travel for fun, for me, for quality time anymore when i finally have some holidays (which is sad). People don’t see that and they wouldn’t believe it because they stay in the clouds of imagination that others have the perfect life for whatever reason….
    Thanks for sharing this post, it is so perfectly true what you say and i’m glad you wrote it down. x

  7. This is a really interesting post. New children in the family are such a joy and I totally understand how we hide the things that are stressful and inadvertently create an illusion of a perfect life.

    Hope you see your new sister soon!

    George –

  8. So honest, I love reading posts like this, that share both sides. Thanks for sharing! I think we just have to embrace it all. The good and bad! Have a great week, Laura

    1. Thank you!!

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