Exploring Switzerland: Lausanne & surroundings

Since last November, I’m living in Switzerland. A decision that I don’t regret at all. The nature, the lakes, the mountains, …. Clearly, I’m in love.

As I knew, I would be here for a few months only, I wanted to make the most of it by exploring as much as possible. As soon as I got free time, I go exploring. I thought it would be great to share the places I’ve visited so far and the things you can do there. I’ll do a post for each city otherwise this one will be way too long haha.

I live in a little village next to Lausanne and it only made sense to start visiting what’s near me before going explore any further. A few days after my arrival, I went to explore it during the evening and… I got lost.

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Lausanne’s Cathedral
Statue “L’homme-loup”

Lausanne lumières

I arrived in Lausanne just in time for the “festival des lumières” (festival of lights). This is an artistic evenement starting end of November until the 31st December. Walking through the city, you’ll meet exhibitions, masterpieces, games, piece of arts… all in lights! At every “stop”, there’s an explanation about the piece of art. This, really gives the city a special atmosphere. Everytime I went to Lausanne during this period, I couldn’t help myself but stop to admire those different pieces of art.

An exhibition you can watch from outside. Lights and sound effects.
Swings with lights underneath, of course I had to try!

There were also a few concerts organised by an association called “Coeur à Coeur” who’s defending the child’s rights. During the last week before Christmas, there were free concerts every evening where you could donate money for the children in need. A really nice initiative and a good atmosphere with artists from everywhere.

Parc de Sauvabelin

I went to this park on a sunny (but cold!) Saturday. I love wandering into parks and looking at trees. It is just so relaxing and peaceful. As it was in late Autumn, the trees were still covered by oranges leaves, it was absolutely gorgeous.

There’s also a tower with spiral stairs that you can climb into to have a view over the park and Lausanne. It was a great feeling to be on top of that tower and the view was beautiful as well. You have to see it by yourself though as, on pictures, it doesn’t reflect that beauty.

The view from the top of the tower

In the park, there’s also a little lake, which was partly frozen when we were there. I sat down on the little “beach” for a almost an hour, while admiring the view. There’s also a little place just next to it, where you can buy a few drinks and some food as well.

Ice rink

There’s an ice rink in Lausanne-Flon that you can access from beginning of November until beginning of March. 11am until 22 pm, everyday. Only 5CHF (£3.90) to rent ice skates. I’m not a pro at all but I love it. We went on a Thursday evening so there were not many people. At the end, I was alone on the ice rink! Happy me!

I have no idea how I managed to do this without falling though haha


There is quite a lot of restaurants and fast food in Lausanne but I haven’t been to loads here as it’s quite an expensive country. I would rather spend my money on trips than on restaurants haha. Usually, if I’m off exploring for the day, I just buy cheap sandwiches and snacks. I’ll do a post about what I usually brings into my bag while travelling.

Here’s one restaurant I’ve tried, a pizzeria actually. It’s called “Pz Pizza”. I loved it. You can customize your pizza how you want. You choose a base (tomato or mozzarella I think) and then you add whatever ingredients you want. I chose mushrooms, spinach, red peppers and egg : delicious!

The lake

One of my favourite thing in Lausanne, or maybe my favourite one is the lake. The Leman’s lake. I can see it from the garden but I can also easily access to it by taking the bus. I just love walking along the lake, alone. It is absolutely peaceful and the view is stunning. I went there a few times already and with good or bad weather, the view is always insanely beautiful. There’s a few places in Lausanne where you can admire the lake beauty :

Lutry -November 2018
Pully – November 2018
Pully – December 2018
Ouchy – December 2018
Ouchy -December 2018
Pully – December 2018
Lutry – December 2018
Pully – December 2018
Lutry – January 2019
Lutry – January 2019
Lutry – January 2019

I’ve also visited Montreux, Genève, Neuchatel, Grindewald and Vevey so far and I’ve got a few cities in mind that I would like to visit before I leave : Luzerne, Zermatt, Bern, …

Have you have any recommendations for the places I should visit in Switzerland? Or even things I should do here, in Lausanne? Tell me everything in the comments section!

“The most beautiful in the world is, of course, the world itself.”

Wallace Stevens

With love, Anaïs

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  1. I haven’t been but it looks great. You’re photos are amazing too.

    1. thank you!

  2. Nandih A. says:


    Your post is really interesting. It makes me motivated to visit Switzerland one day, i like the breathtaking scenery of that country, the culture and the food.

    It would be a great experience to me.

    Best wishes,

    Nandih A.

    1. It is a wonderful country, you definitely should visit it one day, you won’t be disappointed haha! Thanks for reading x

  3. Oh my god, this was such an amazing read, honestly. So vivid! And the pictures are gorgeous tbh. ✨💜 I loved the autumn trees shot!

    1. Thank you so much Sam! x

  4. What a beautiful post!!

    1. Thank you Katie! x

  5. Wow, what a lovely place. Living vicariously through you!

    1. Thanks so much Tessa!!! x

  6. I used to scuba dive in the Léman every weekend for about two years. In the summer months you have outdoor climbing, via ferrata and hiking. Two night hikes are a nice way to see the landscape. Friends of mine climb at Rospot in Lausanne every Thursday.

    1. Wow, sounds amazing!!! I won’t be there for summer though but I defo need to do some hiking before leaving this beautiful country! x

  7. What a lovely place, that lake is gorgeous! I’ve never been to Switzerland but really want to go!

    1. It is stunning indeed!!!! Yeah, you should visit Switzerland, it is an amazing country!

  8. LOVE THIS!!! I have family in Switzerland so it’s neat to read your post and then I can ask them and be like hey you ever been here and maybe they’ll think I know something haha Loved the pictures too! Definitely going to follow you!

    1. hahahah I’m glad if I can help you pretending to know things about Switzerland!
      Thank you so much for your comment x

      1. hahaha you’re welcome!

  9. I’ve always wanted to go to Switzerland, it looks so amazing there and your photos are so gorgeous! Xx

    1. You should definitely visit, it is absolutely amazing!!!!
      Thank you so much for your comment x

  10. This sounds like a wonderful place, the park and lake look so peaceful and relaxing! Your photos are so beautiful! Also, yum, the pizza looks sooo good!! Thank you for sharing, lovely post <3 xx

    Bexa |

    1. It is such a peaceful country, I just love it here!
      Thanks a lot for your comment ❤

  11. kattieh says:

    It looks so stunningly beautiful there – I’d love to go there one day! Your photos are amazing. I love getting lost when travelling, it makes you discover things you wouldn’t normally discover!

    1. I totally agree with you about getting lost! I get lost all the time and almost never plan anything when travelling hahah
      Thank you so much for your comment ❤

  12. Lausanne looks so stunning! That park looks so peaceful and beautiful. Will have to go to Switzerland! x

    1. Oh yeah, you must explore Switzerland!!! It is such an amazing country! x

  13. Beautiful photos! I was born in Switzerland, but emigrated when I was 5. Gorgeous country. I would definitely recommend Zermatt–breathtaking.
    I’d also recommend Castle Kyburg, which is near Zurich. Fascinating place. Even has a room with battle axes, a dungeon, and a torture chamber!
    Looking forward to more photos and blog posts.

    1. Thanks so much for your comments and recommendations!! x

  14. This all looks so good, I can definitely see why you’d rather spend your money on trips! Your photos are amazing too! x


    1. Thanks a lot for your comment Sophie! xx

  15. Love this Anaïs! Your pictures are always so awesome! It makes me really want to go to Lausanne and go ice skating 😁


    1. Aw thanks so much Caitlin!
      Please come ice skating with me hahah x

  16. It looks like you had a spectacular time! The tower with the staircase overlooking the park was lovely ❣️ I never been to Switzerland but it always looked visually pleasing on TV but looking at your photos, I’m more impressed 😊👌🏾

    Natonya |

    1. Thank you so much! switzerland is such an incredible country!!! You should visit it if you have the chance x

  17. I have only visited Geneva & zurich so far. But Lausanne looks lively 😍😍

    1. It is indeed! Thanks for commenting x

  18. I would love to go to Switzerland! It looks amazing

    1. If you have the opportunity, you definitely should! x

  19. Switzerland looks incredible, hope I got to visit it one day 🙂

    – Marina W

    1. Thanks a lot! You should yeah, it is amazing!!!

  20. What a beautiful city. I’d love to go but I’m not a fan of the cold at all. Great post, love the pics.

    1. You could always visit in the summer when it’s way less cold haha!
      Thanks so much x

  21. monicavaklinova says:

    Switzerland is such a magical place! I wish I was living there! 💗 All that beauty is breathtaking! You are a lucky girl! Thank you for sharing the beauty! 💗

    1. It is indeed!!! Thanks a lot for your comment x

  22. omg this photos are amazing and i am so jealous! hope you are having an amazing time!!:)

    1. I am having a great time indeed! Thanks so much for your comment!! x

  23. I’d love to visit Switzerland, it looks absolutely beautiful


    1. Thanks for your comment x
      If you have the chance, you should definitely visit!

  24. Your pictures are so beautiful. I’ve never been to Switzerland but it looks so lovely, great blog post darling. 💜

    With love, Alisha Valerie x |

    1. Thanks so much, your comment means a lot to me! x

  25. Wow! This looks amazing! Switzerland is definitely on my bucket list!

    1. Thanks a lot!!! It in an amazing country, I’m in love hahah

  26. Beautiful pictures! Switzerland looks amazing! This is my first post by you—where are you originally from? That’s awesome that you were able to move there! I dream of doing something so bold. It looks like you’re having a blast living your life 🙂 Wish you the best!

    Jessica | The Unplug Initiative

    1. Oh thanks a lot! Welcome on my blog haah I was born in Belgium and started travelling a bit more than 2 years ago!!!
      Your comment means a lot to me, thanks again!!! I’m having the time of my life indeed x

  27. I’ve wanted to live in or at least visit Switzerland for so long now!
    It looks so beautiful. I hope I get to visit and see these places one day 🙂

    1. You should definitely do it once you got the time and opportunity!! The nature here is absolutely stunning! Thanks for your comment x

  28. Looks like such an amazing time! That festival of lights looks so wonderful, light shows during the winter and Christmas time is my fave. And all of that outdoors looks so wonderful, but it looks way too cold I would just cry!!!

    1. Thanks a lot Lav!!
      It is actually not that cold… or maybe I’m just used to it now hahah x

  29. Not only does it look amazing, but it also sounds so interesting! Also that pizza looks soon tasty! Thanks for sharing! x

    1. Thanks so much Hannah! It was delicious indeed x

  30. hannahcopcutt says:

    Your photos are so nice. I’ve only ever been to switzerland once and loved it! x

    1. Thanks a lot! Where in Switzerland have you been? x

  31. Looks like fun! ✨

  32. Wow, these photos look amazing! It really felt like I was exploring with you in this blog post, instead of reading it through a screen. You really captured what was going on. I’ve never been to Switzerland, or abroad for that matter, but I’d really like to one day. I love the idea of visiting somewhere and exploring their culture, like you’ve done here with the light festival! It looks like you’ve had an amazing experience so far!

    1. Oh, THANK YOU so much!!! You have no idea how much this comment means to me x I’m having an incredible experience indeed!

      1. You’re more than welcome!

  33. Those pictures are a thing of beauty, especially the ones of the lake. Enjoyed reading through 🙂 I’d really love to go Switzerland to see what the skiing scene is like there.

    Johnny | Johnny’s Traventures

    1. Thanks a lot! If you have the opportunity to visit Switzerland, do it!!!! Highly recommended x

  34. I have never been to Switzerland, yet, it is the country I would choose if I could live anywhere. Thank you for sharing, it was a great read. For a minute there, I was in Switzerland with you.

    1. Oh thanks a lot! Your comment means a lot to me x

  35. I have never been to Switzerland, yet, it is the country I would choose if I could live anywhere. Thank you for sharing, it was a great read. For a minute there, I was in Switzerland with you. It was a lovely read.

  36. I’m visiting Switzerland this April yay. I’m inlove with the Festival of Lights I’d love to experience and see it myself. Also, like you I do love lakes and beautiful scenery, Switzerland is blessed with beautiful views and can’t wait for April now 🙂

    Kaye –

    1. Where are you going in Switzerland exactly? Anywhere, I’m sure you’ll love it!
      The festival of lights won’t be back before November though but it’s an excuse to come back for another trip hahah

  37. emilyunderworld says:

    Wow, Switzerland looks beautiful. I’d love to visit one day, especially to see that light festival!
    Emily from x

    1. Omg, you need to visit it, it is such an amazing country!!! And the festival light is great as well, you won’t regret it I’m sure xx

  38. I have never been before. The photographs are beautiful! X

    1. If you have the opportunity, you should defo visit, it’s such a wonderful country, I won’t say it enough hahah
      Aw, thanks!!!! x

  39. The pictures you took at Parc de Sauvabelin makes me want to go there.

    Nice pictures and nice post. I didn’t really know what Switzerland had until this post

    1. It is so nice, you should go if you got the chance!! x
      Where are you from? I’m glad I have inspired you though 🙂

  40. […] A picture along the lake, how typical for me haha. I think you know by know that I absolutely love walking along the lake. It is just so peaceful and relaxing. The view is always stunning with the mountains in the background and it’s a free activity so it totally makes sense that is my favorite thing to do in Switzerland! […]

  41. […] A picture along the lake, how typical for me haha. I think you know by now that I absolutely love walking along the lake. It is just so peaceful and relaxing. The view is always stunning with the mountains in the background and it’s a free activity so it totally makes sense that is my favorite thing to do in Switzerland! […]

  42. Lausanne seems so nice, I definitely have to visit! Switzerland is such a beautiful country and it’s a shame that I’ve only been there twice in my life, one of them I was too young to even remember it. I’m definitely putting Lausanne on my travel bucket list!

    1. It is so nice indeed! Where have you been in Switzerland? xx

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