One week, one picture

Mood swings

I know you were all waiting for it, and here it comes : my second post on the series “One week, one picture” (I might be a tiny bit too excited about it hahah but got loads to say so grab something to eat, drink and relax)

I’ll start by saying I took 566 photos during this week. Yes, you read right. I’m an addict, ok? Please don’t judge haha. Anyway, it was hard to choose only one picture but I had to, that’s the challenge you know. So here it is :

A picture along the lake, how typical for me haha. I think you know by now that I absolutely love walking along the lake. It is just so peaceful and relaxing. The view is always stunning with the mountains in the background and it’s a free activity so it totally makes sense that is my favorite thing to do in Switzerland!

I took it in Lutry, along the lake Léman on Wednesday. It’s got all kind of weather in it : sun, white clouds, grey clouds, blue sky, … and then couldn’t more described my week. My mood has been changing through the days, hours and even minutes… Mood swings I think it’s called. Well, that was me all week.

On Monday, I was feeling ill and was in lot of pain. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it on my blog yet but I kind of hurt myself in Italy last week end. Don’t worry, nothing too big, I just walked too much… Yes it is possible. I couldn’t walk properly without feeling pain behind my knee. So yeah, Monday was not the greatest day. And you know, it’s Monday sooo.

Tuesday was a lot better, the pain was almost gone. Work was great, I went to Lutry for a walk with the little one I look after before picking up the big one.

And then Wednesday was the worst. At least the evening. I had an awesome day with the kids I look after. Doing some crafts in the morning and went for a walk in the afternoon along the lake. They’ve been super sweet! After that day, I went to check my blog stats and was so disappointed. I felt like no one had read my new post. I stayed up until 1am to finish it on time. I felt irrelevant. Like why bother if no one reads? The blogging community on Twitter is the best though, they left some comforting comments to help me feel better. Usually, I don’t care about stats, I don’t care if no one reads my posts. I blog for me, myself and I, that’s it. I guess I was just tired. A few hours later, I was feeling better already.

Usually I don’t drive the kids to school in the morning but I did on Thursday morning. There were a lot of snow and roads were quite slippery. It was soooo scary to drive but I made it alive, so all good! In the evening, I was feeling ill again, like what’s wrong with me haha?

As the week end approached, I was looking for a place to visit on Saturday, I opted for Bern. The weather was so bad on Friday though, I thought about cancelling. Luckily for me, when I woke up Saturday morning (at 7.45 am btw. ON A SATURDAY.), it was so sunny so it was time for a daytrip. I was about to buy my train ticket to Bern and realised it was way more expensive than expected. No way I was gonna pay that much haha. I looked for a city along the lake on Google Maps. One I had never been to and opted for Nyon as it looked cute. I invited an another aupair to come with me and off we go. I think it’s the first time I had been disappointed while exploring a city in Switzerland. It was so small and almost anything to see except shops. It was also really foggy so the view on the lake wasn’t the greatest. After spending a few hours there, we decided that on our way back to Lausanne, we could make a stop to Morges. It’s also a small city but I was so happy that we stopped there. The pier was so much better than the one in Nyon and the architecture was great as well. A great turnaround.

On Saturday evening, something really odd happened : I started planning, like actually planning. I’m not a planner at all so that’s why it’s weird but I suddenly drew calendars and wrote the title of each post I was (hopefully) gonna post and when until the end of April. I know some bloggers have already the plan of their blog until the end of 2019 so it won’t seem like a big deal. But for me it is haha. I usually don’t know which post I’m going to post for the week ahead so.

Also a quick note before saying bye, I created a new page on my blog called Quotes that you can check out just here.

I think that’s all for the past week. I went full details about what happened in my life in this post so hopefully you’ll like reading as much as I loved writing it.

How was your week though? Tell me everything in the comments!

With love, Anaïs

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  1. I love how honest your posts are! I think all bloggers get down occasionally because when we put so much effort and heart into a post and no one reads it, it’s hard not to be disappointed. Great job on the planning by the way, you are so organized! Awesome read as always, sorry Nyon was disappointing.


    1. Oh thanks again Caitlin, you’re so sweet x
      It’s hard sometimes but so worth it, I’m so happy to have started blogging!!
      We’ll see if I keep up with my plan now hahah

  2. That is such a beautiful photo, I love being by the water it is so calming and relaxing. Aw sorry to hear you had a tough week Anaïs, I hope you are feeling better now. Blogging can be disheartening at times, especially at the beginning when we don’t think anyone is reading. But keep up the great work girl, I always enjoy stopping by your blog and you are such a kind and supportive member of the blogging community. Yay for planning too! (I’m such a planning nerd, ha ha) <3 xx

    Bexa |

    1. Thanks so much Bexa for this comment, it means a lot! I do feel way better, thanks x
      I knew you would be a planning nerd hahahah I can tell through your blog ❤

  3. I love that photo! It’s gorgeous. The tweet you posted in relation to lowered blog stats the other day was something that really resonated with me, so thank you being honest enough to talk about it in this post. I think while a lot of us do write for ourselves, it’s always nice to feel appreciated from outside sources, and stats do often matter. I’m glad the blogging community were able to reassure you with some lovely comments, though; it’s always great to have people ready to pick you up when needed! I’m sorry to hear you were feeling ill, too. I hope you’re feeling better now, and here’s to a better week next week!

    1. Thanks a lot Rebekah!
      I couldn’t agree more with you!!! I do feel better, don’t worry hihi ❤

  4. That’s a gorgeous photo! Sorry to hear that you weren’t feeling well and were down about your blog. I think all of us bloggers can feel like it sometimes, I often get disappointed when a post I spent loads of time on doesn’t do well or I compare my stats to everyone else’s. Just remember to be proud of your blog because you’re putting the effort in and your blog is unique, no one else will have the same experiences/write the same way!x

    1. Thank you so much! Your comment is so supportive xx Off to a better week now!

  5. Oh wow what a beautiful photo, I really loved Switzerland so this photo is making me want to go back! Also, as everyone else has said, I think we all have times when we’re disappointed by stats and follower numbers etc. It’s hard when you put so much effort into things and it feels like no one cares. But it’s always nice to have a record of your memories for the future, and the more you write the more people will read! Hope that you have a lovely week 🙂
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

    1. Switzerland is such an amazing country, isn’t it? ❤
      You’re absolutely right!! I won’t give up soon xx

  6. Great choice! I love this photo, it’s such a beautiful view! Thats a lot of photos!!! I wish I was better at photography, I only ever end up taking that many if I hate the first 400 🙈. Blogging can be disheartening sometimes if a post you’re really proud of/ put a lot of effort into doesn’t do as well as you’d hoped but the community really is amazing! x


    1. Thanks! I always take soooo many pictures, can’t help myself haha it’s either pictures of the kids I look after (because they’re so cuuuuute) or pictures of the beautiful nature; I just love taking pictures you know xx
      I couldn’t agree more about blogging!

  7. Such a beautiful photo! Your photos and blog posts are always lovely and enjoyable to read. I feel like my stats have been down too lately so can absolutely relate, but don’t feel disheartened because your content is amazing and people are reading it 😊💜 Also, I’m so inspired by your trips to different towns and exploring new places! Hope your knee gets better x

    1. Thanks a lot Shannen!! It means a lot xx
      I’m so glad you’re inspired through my blog posts and my knee is better, thanks ❣

  8. Love the photo! I like being by the water….it’s just so relaxing. I totally understand the ups and downs of blogging, it can get frustrating when you feel like nobody reads your post. When that happens, I just try to remember why I started blogging. By the way, my hubby’s great-grandfather was born in Bern. We’d love to visit Switzerland someday!

    1. Thanks a lot for your comment! x
      Oh that’s cool!!! I don’t know about Bern as I ended up not going but Switzerland is such a beautiful country, you should definitely visit it if you have the opportunity!! x

  9. Hi Anaïs
    Thank you so much for your lovely comments. Yes you should totally go and see those places. I read that you just moved to Lausanne – I love Lausanne so much I used to live there for three years and visitied UNIL. I really miss it. Oh, wow over 500 pictures that’s a lot!! Lutry and Morge are so beautiful – wasn’t it super cold on Lac Léman ? There is actually something called “Spar-Billette” for cheap tickets from the CFF. It’s even cheaper when you use the CFF app( there are tickets from Lausanne to Bern under 20.-).

    Hope you’re feeling better now:) If you ever need tips or infos about the swiss blogging community, just let me know – i live in Zürich now.

    1. Oh thanks so much Lena!!
      It was a bit cold yeah but it was worth it haha!
      Oh I didn’t know about “Spar-Billette” !!! I do use the app called SBB, don’t know if it’s the same you’re talking about, I’ll defo have a look then!
      Oh how nice, you live in Zurich, I might come and visit you one day then haha xx

  10. I love the photo, I feel like a somehow really reflects your week. A little overcast but a little ray of sun shining in. Awesome post! Xx

    1. Thanks so much!

  11. This post was so real and I’m glad I read it. I might even use this idea for my blog.

    1. Oh yes, please do it!!! x

  12. You took 566 pictures!!!! Ohh believe me I am judging you 😂😂

    You’re really good at taking photos and happy the knee pain has gone away.

    My week was good but this week it will be better and the same for you!!

    Have a good week yeah 🙂

    1. Hahahah please stop the judgement 🙁 I love taking pictures, can’t help it! Thanks xx
      Yaaaas, let’s go for another week, a better one! Have a good week too, Ricardo x

  13. Sorry to hear you haven’t been well! Hope you’re knee is much better now. Such a lovely photo fab contrast between the sky and sea, I love living near water no matter what mood you’re in you are always relaxed by it!

    1. I’m much better now thanks!!
      Exactly, being near the water is like being in another world, far from reality… I love it!!
      Thanks for your comment x

  14. Glad to know you had some good days and moments during the past week! You took a beautiful picture of the lake and it makes me want to have a walk along the lake too. Too bad I don’t live anywhere near the lakes ㅠㅠ I agree that blog stats can sometimes be disappointing, especially when we put efforts in writing a post, but I hope it didn’t let you feel too down 💖

    I wish you a wonderful week ahead, Anaïs! x

    Tyas |

    1. Thanks for this lovely comment! Hopefully I had more happy moments than disappointing ones so it’s all good xx Where do you live btw? 🙂

  15. You chose a beautiful photo! I, too, love walking alongside the lake, or the beach, or any water. It’s so beautiful. You’re life seems full of adventure! I will always be in awe of how you are able to live such a magical, fun life. It’s inspiring 🙂

    Jessica | The Unplug Initiative

    1. Oh thanks a lot Jessica!!! This comment means a lot to me xx

  16. jasonlikestotravel says:

    Lovely photo. Hopefully you can visit Bern another time! Might require a bit of advanced planning but seems like you’re a pro now 😉

    1. Thanks!! I’m far away from being a pro but thanks haha x

  17. This is such a nice idea! I absolutely loved the picture, you really have a talent for photography! I’m sorry that this week wasn’t really your week. I’m glad you’re feeling better now though. It’s a good thing that you planned ahead! I had that last year in September where I planned everything up until January. It was such a good feeling. I wish I had that drive right now haha. Hope this week will be better for you.

    1. Thanks so so much Chloë!!!!

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