Only kids would say those things

It’s not a secret for the people who know me : I love children. Therefore I spend a lot of time with them. Either by working or with my siblings. I just love the way they think, they speak, act and react. Here are 10 crazy conversations I had with kids. Of course, I’ve got way more funny stories but this post would be endless so here’s 10 … for now.

  • The artist – 5 years old

-:boy showing me his drawing:

-:no idea what it is supposed to look like: “Awww that’s beautiful!!! What is it?”

-:proud: “A masterpiece.”

  • The disgusting one – 3 years old

“Anaïs, LOOK, come quickly!!!!”

-:me running” : What’s the matter?!?!

-:amazed: “LOOK this is the BIGGEST POO I’ve ever seen in my life”

  • The brutal honest  – 7 years old

“Can I have your clothes when they will be too small for you, please?”

“By the time they’ll fit you, you won’t like them. And anyway, my clothes won’t be too small for me as I don’t grow anymore.”

-“Yeah, but when you get fat then?”

  • The fashionista  – 7 years old

“Anaïs, do you know what I like the most about you?”

“No, tell me?”

-“That you’re alive”

-:my heart melting: “Awwww, thank you, I love you!!!!”

-“But the second thing I love the most about you is your style… that’s why I always ask if I can have your clothes and shoes when they’ll be too small for you!”

  • The drama queen (king, actually) – 3 years old

“Can you please come and sit down on a chair like everyone else?

-“I can’t!!!”

-“Why not?”

-“There are glitters on my chair. I can’t sit on glitters.”

-:wipes the chair: “Now you can :)”

-“No!!!!! There’s 2 more, I CAN’T sit”

-:wipes the chair again: “here you go”

-:sits down:

  • The misunderstanding one – 6 years old

-“Are you going to marry someone soon?”

-“No, I haven’t find the right person yet and I don’t even know if I’ll get married one day”

*A few days later*

Her swimming teacher : “So M. told me that you’re leaving this job because you’re going to marry someone really soon but you haven’t met that person yet… Like an arranged marriage?!?!”

  • The cute one – 6 years old

-“Can you be our aupair until we are big enough to not have one anymore please?

-“Hmm, I can’t promise you that, darling”

-“No but it’s ok, I’m gonna ask Mummy, I’m sure she’ll say yes and then you can stay with us forever!!!”

  • The nature lover – 3 years old

-“The mountains are so beautiful, I need to cry” :fake crying:

  • The talkative one – 5 years old

:telling a story about me throwing up when I was little: 

*a few days later, picking her up at her friend’s house*

herdad’s friend: “So, everything was fine, they played a lot together. She talks a lot and especially about you!”

-:proud: “Awww that’s cute!!”

– :laughing: Well she did say something about you throwing up… while we had dinner!

– :dying inside:

  • The liar – 4 years old

“How did you get that nail polish on your fingers?”

“I didn’t do it”

“Who did it then?”

“It did itself. It fell on my fingers”


“While I was sleeping. I woke up and the nail polish was on my fingers”

“The reason I love kids so much is because they’re so honest, so you know right away if they like you or they don’t.”

Colin Egglesfield

With love, Anaïs

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  1. Omg kids are so funny 😂 and so brilliant at the same time. I love spending time with kids too, they help me see the world in a different way 💓

  2. hahahaha these are hilarious! Kids are great! It amazes me the kinds of things that kids think of! lol

    1. they’re the funniest haha Thanks for commenting! x

  3. Literally laughing out loud. Nice piece.👍👍👍👍👍

    1. Thanks a lot!

  4. Kids say utterly ridiculous things! Teenagers are far worse though haha

    1. hahah I can imagine yeah! But they’re not as innocents as kids though haha

  5. […] another subject. With kids, you always know what they think. They’re so pure, honest and don’t have any filter. A reason why they’re my favourite kind of people on Earth […]

  6. Hahaha i really loved this and was laughing all along. The one about the arranged-marriage, my goodness! They misinterprete things and invent such big lies, and they think it’s all cool and totally plausible haha. I remember once saying to some grown ups that my hair had gotten shorter because my cat ate it. I didn’t have a cat. Nor would a cat ever give anyone a trim, but I felt pretty confident in my story telling you know :’)

    1. Hahaha the worst was that the swimming teacher was actually believing that I was going to get married etc 😅😅
      Hahaha that story of you and the cat-hairdresser is so funny, how old were you? Please don’t tell me 22 🤭

      1. Literally 😂
        Yeah was last month x

        I was about 7 I think🤪

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