#1 : ON MY WAY

Welcome to the first post on my new series!

A quick recap’ before getting started : every Sunday, I’ll choose a picture I took during the week and write a post about it; why I chose this one, my mood during the week, a few words about anything particular that happened to me during the week, etc. I hope you’ll enjoy reading this series as much as I love writing it!

To start this series I chose a quite blurry picture and we can’t really see what’s going on there but let me explain. I took it Friday evening, while I was on the bus. Around 6 pm, I could see this beautiful sky through the window and couldn’t help myself but taking a picture. I am (and always be) amazed by the sky beauty. The colours changing, the clouds, the rain, the sun, the moon, the storm, … I love it all. It’s just so pure. No one can touch it or change it. It is what it is.

The blurriness, the reflect of the bus lights on the window, the darkness of the mountains and the mixture of colours make the reasons why I like this picture so much. As random as it can be for someone else, it is not for me.

Also, this photo represents the major event of this week. After a few days of work and a bit of routine, it was time for a new adventure. So here I was, heading to Italy, for the first time ever. I’m not gonna spoil as I’ll write a whole post about that trip but it was truly amazing. Being able to book a bus ticket to spend 24 hours in Italy with me, myself and I is something I wouldn’t even think about a few years ago. But since I moved abroad, I became another person, I make everything I want, as crazy as it is, possible.

I can’t believe that it was already the last weekend of January. I know how people say that it’s like the longest month ever and blablabla and usually I’m one of those people to be honest. But this time, the time flew by and my mind is blown away by the fact that in a few days, it’ll be February. How is that even possible?!?

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "gif time flies"

Also a quick note about those bloggers who find time to travel, blog, have a full-time job, … tell me how you do it guys? haha. When I travel, I write posts in my head but I don’t blog at all as I want to enjoy the place where I am as much as possible, not spending all my time on my phone and laptop. I’m quite lucky at the moment as in my current job, I finish working around 6pm so it let me time to blog. From April, it’ll be more difficult; I’ll work longer hours as I’ll be a kid’s rep in a hotel. I still need to write that post by the way haha. If you have any questions about the subject, please do ask them on the comments section or on any of my social media!

If I had to describe this week with one word I’ll say rewarding. I’ve been working all week and even though, I love my job and the kids I look after, that trip is a present from me to me after spending a week working. Because if I don’t do presents for me, who will?

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "gif gift to myself"

As you can see, that series is basically me talking about my week but also thoughts I have at the moment. Hopefully it is not too messy and you’ll like reading me through the weeks.

With love, Anaïs

39 thoughts on “#1 : ON MY WAY

  1. I’m in love with the authenticity of this blog post. It took me back to the time when it was just blogging if you know what I mean. Feels like January went by in a blink of the eye!

    ✖ Jasmin
    // overdosedoncaffeine.com

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  2. What a fabulous idea for a post! I take so many photos and they mean so much to me. I hope you enjoyed Italy, I just got back from Rome – what an amazing country! xxx

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  3. I LOVE the journaling blog posts – reflection is important even when we don’t think it’s much. I’m someone who studied full time and worked full time so I feel you on the wanting to be in more than one place to get it all done 💀💀 it’ll all fall into place 😊😊

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  4. I LOVE the sky too. It’s crazy how it can appear in so many different colours! I’ve just started following your blog and I really like your tone of writing. I look forward to hearing more about your adventures 🙂


  5. This is such a good idea! It’s a great way for you to reflect on the week but also a way for us to get to know you better. I love the photo too, before I read what it was it reminded me of travelling in the car at night when time seems to pass differently!x

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  6. Ooooh love this idea for a blog series! Also, travelling, working full-time AND fitting in blogging AS WELL AS having a social life is a bloody nightmare hahaha… And yep- I’m the same with the sky- I have far too many pics of sunsets on my phone/laptop!

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    1. Welcome then! Glad you liked it x
      It’s coming “soon”, well I haven’t started it yet but hopefully next week, it’ll be live, thanks for following x


  7. I love this post – it is such a great idea for a series and I am definitely going to read each and every one of these posts. The photo is beautiful!
    I agree with you, that you do need to treat yourself from time to time. I’m so glad you had a rewarding week – it’s always such a nice feeling to have!

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  8. Interested to see how this series develops, plus hear about Italy too! On a seperate note, I have no idea how travel bloggers manage to blog whilst they travel. It’d be the last thing I want to do when exploring somewhere haha.

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  9. I tried blogging while backpacking through Asia. It was tough! It was a tough balance between enjoying what was in front of me in the moment and capturing some of it with my camera so that it could complement my text. I was plagued by slow internet, slow computers, etc. Combined with the pressure of producing something my friends back home could follow, I realized I only had time to write once, sort of haphazardly and without proofreading. After three months I stopped. It had it’s challenges but I still beat myself up over it for stopping when I did.

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    1. Omg, it sounds so hard! I don’t think I could do it!! I’m currently an aupair so work during the week, travel during the week end and I’m already struggling to find time to blog as I don’t do it while travelling… so doing it while backpacking must be though! You should be proud to have done it though, it’s far from easy xx


  10. Love the photo! And I have no idea how I’m blogging and working full-time, I guess I just don’t post as often as I should! I agree with you about going off grid when you’re on a trip! I stick to my journal when I’m travelling and blog when I’m back!

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    1. Awww, you’re the sweetest! I’m sure one day, you’ll find the courage to do it as well! But remember that you don’t have to travel solo, it’s just an option xx


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