Sunset vibes

I realised that blogging isn’t all about writing. It’s also about sharing. I remember when I started my blog, one of the reason was that I wanted to share more of the pictures I take while travelling. I use Instagram where I often post but never loads of pictures of the same place. My blog is then, the place for it.

Today, I wanted to share some sunset pictures I took earlier. It was absolutely stunning. So here’s a little post with only a few words but loads of pictures. Enjoy x

All the pictures were taken by me (or my friend when I’m on the picture) in Lutry, Switzerland, along the Lake Léman.

With love, Anaïs

31 thoughts on “Sunset vibes

      1. I’m gonna try to catch the sunset one morning at the beach this summer ! Idk why I like the beach scenery so much lol it’s just beautiful

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  1. I always really love your photos! You’re so right – as I’ve been more familiar with the blogging community it’s been very clear that it’s all about sharing 😊😊 thank you for sharing today!

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    1. Thanks a lot!! I tended to put too put pressure on myself about what about I share on my blog, like is it long enough, etc? Then I remembered that it was MY blog and if I want to write a post with 3 words and 245 pictures, it’s my choice hahah xx


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